Taken Aback

Even if I stop midway and realize
It’s you standing in the end of this paradigm,
I won’t take a second to step back and return
No matter if there’s a fire chasing me to burn.
For the flame inside fumes more wild
And the root of it is nowhere confined,
Rubbed the past, sprinking on the blank slate
And making sure to leave no mark of your trace.
If you can turn the page, I can throw the book
Knowing that in your new chapter I’m not hooked,
My lost friend, I’m no longer your vigilant
And I refrain from watering on this dead plant!


For my beloved, to see you on the brighter side,
I stand being a flame with all my might.
Brave and bold enough I appear
But you’re the only thing that holds my fear;
Dear I can’t find words to make you believe…
How hard it is to swim over this ocean of grief!
But the strength of love, I know, is feeding me each day
To stay beside and protect you every way.
Had it been a lust, I’d have disguised in fire,
Platonic be its bliss, I assure, such love does never retire.
You’re that subtle paper I shall forever crave to put ink upon
And sing my heart out love songs on and on…
But that curse my dear! I can not move away from!
You dwell in a crowded world wherein I don’t belong.
Yet if I tear out the thread and walk into your paces,
My beloved, I’ll be left alone with the remains of your ashes.

The Unstoppable

The storm you’ve been carrying inside you,
The ceased fidelity which life goes through,
The heavy heart that once sought to shine,
Let them be freed and retired from your mind.

Strains are the decors stuck to your life
And tears are the strength that allow ecstasy to dive;
Spiritual is the one who thirsts for earthly crown,
Bliss resides wherein the souls hope for new dawn.

The lost friends will teach you the worst ironies,
The lost love will remind you of the fragile affinities;
Embrace the struggles and trust the wait,
Hold onto your desires and flow out what is unsaid.

Despite of all the worries Despite of all the trembles,
Be on the stead and see yourself…
You’re stepping ahead to be The Unstoppable.

Each day be your preacher
And each night be of no hardle,
Turn all the pain into your power and discover that
You’re mirrored to the world as The Unstoppable!

Shades of a Beautiful Night

Just another day,
My footsteps abandoning the twilight tints,
I know I’m closer to elude by my nest.
Departing from the day’s toil,
I vow to see the stars
And appreciate the shades of this beautiful night.
The limitless bounds,
The fearless thoughts,
Wishes to be coveted for,
And the reckless hopes
All find lanes on to lean.

Tell me if there’s a thing more alluring
Than this pied elegance of the deepest hues!
We’re so busy looking at the citylights
That we miss gazing at the fireflies and their grace;
The shades of this beautiful night,
I believe, decipher a lot of promises…
The night’s tie to the moon,
The bliss in silence,
The calm after aches and cries
And the faith to welcome a new day
Swipping over the darkness’ grip.


It was a garden when your eyes gleamed,
You were a bud amidst all the blossoms,
When you sobbed but the world around only threw smiles
And your insight could no indeed reach a fathom.

That day itself is your answer, my dear!
Now that you’re here, ought to be a flower,
Thrive until you scatter a bloom
And see you’re not the same, that is your power.

But they say you’re unloved,
They scream you’re not cared of,
You believe, you’re sober again
And tremble that you’re not worthy enough!

Rusted are those chains you put yourself in;
Wake up again, you’re still in that garden,
It’s never too late to split from a bud
And here you are- chasing dreams upon the Eden!

No one is You and that is your Power

But first of all, be true to your own self.
You feel low?
Figure it out why!
You can’t change something?
Stop pushing effort and let it be!
You can cry the grief out,
You can accept what you sober about,
But you can’t give up on life!
Knowing your weakness doesn’t throw light upon your inability to carry on your strength.
There will be many thorns and there’s always a way out.
Being sad is not a deficiency,
But sticking to it is definitely your flaw!

Literature is a lie!

Whoever says “literature is a lie”:
Yes, it is a lie wherein you elude by the time when nothing makes you feel alive.
It is a lie told to your inner soul to re-imagine life turning over each page.
It is a lie you believe when the sun goes down and the twilight is overwhelmed by the written words.
It is a lie you completely lose yourself into when technology fails to turn the vigour on.
It is that lie you will always rely upon even on your most darkest hours and the brighest as well.
If literature is a lie, I would love to devote my entire life into all those beautiful lies leaving the truth behind!