Never Getting Over You

It’s not only the breath that mingles
But the souls have always been one.
Never the skin refuses to detach
Without the heart that cries to depart.
The eyes may sob, feeling the absence,
But they no more long for the quest..
The quest to own the richest wealth;
All of the love has settled and it stays.
That I hear it’s worth holding on
Is the thinnest thread my footsteps live in.
The way we bade goodbye in the rain,
That desolation will always stay.
It will stay until we meet again
For I value the depth of truth in your words..
They never did abandon me in my distress,
Nor they shall ever do, I believe.
Shine there, Soldier! My heart awaits,
I’ll let my faith stay alive
And stronger than the despair
Until we meet again!


Fireflies in the Glass Jar

There’s something incredible about mid-night writings. Mixed feelings flicker around my mind; some entreat from the past,
some ruminate on the present and some just touch and go away like the seasonal winds leaving me in a state of longing.
The next day I pause and wonder,
Was that my naked soul speaking out in the silence eluding by the beautiful night!
Not being thoughtful enough
for I don’t feel the fear of being heard!
I see desolation gone with the words being told, though not to someone I know but
to the most reliable one that I always choose.
My dear diary, how heavy is the bucket of your heart? You soak not only the blues but sprinkle my euphoria like the fireflies in a glass jar!

Trust the process!

We don’t always have to set the point blank aiming to shoot our “purpose” out without giving an eye what passes through. The end is never assured but can be only assumed.
The journey matters, teaches and sometimes we aren’t flowed with the way we want it to be but definitely surprises us leaving an air of satisfaction, if only we know to pick up the things that moulded us all throughout the journey!

Food for thoughts

But first people need to stop generalizing in everything. “Thinking out of the box” comes only if you actually step out of the age-old confinement to the well established notions. So many pretentive high class intellectuals yet preserving inside all the conservative common ideas, be it in education, work fields or regarding social norms.

The Drops and the Pain

Don’t you say you love when it rains?
Don’t you crave for your pains to be the runaway amidst the droplets?
Don’t you feel that thirst to dance there unknown to the chaos within?
Don’t you ever want to sing ballads appreciating its kisses to the ground?
Don’t you wish your sky high aims to be gone with the breeze?
Don’t you ever think you’re the hearer never willing to know it’s root?
Someday you will!
Not because you’re tired.
Not because you’re afraid.
But for the quest of finding life’s meaning;
That you’re not moulded to figure out everything everytime!
Some days will be there,
you won’t end up with a frown
but only with the thirst to dance in the rain-
being unaware of the footsteps
but only to swing with the rhythm!

©Leeza Hazarika

An Unheard Love Song

I wish to be your unheard love song
Having no fear of being stolen away,
A song that never sings the blues
But soothes like a morning prayer;
Words of the sweetest kind,
The melody flickering shades of dawn,
And the time my song will get to you,
My dear, I will know.
Till then, I won’t sing it aloud,
But I’ll let you to find it,
For we all crave for an unheard song
Not to find love,
But for that love to finally find us!

©Leeza Hazarika