An old soul enlightens me! With the passing of each day It embraces a seed of hope, As I sit taking its shade with my mighty pen I unfold my heart’s envelope. Survived by the sun and the storm It has always stood strong, I praise the other side of perseverance Where nothing can go … More Perseverance


Shivering feet, coldest night, Dirty hands after the day’s toil; Crackling wood! Fire was his only escape.

A Quest

There can be nights of unconsiderable counts That saw my eyes moist and red, But the shine on them outside the shelter Is brighter than the sun on July’s shade. Trembled, afraid and lost at times But I’m not the only one who feels them at best; Tough heart, sometimes a weightless cloud And the … More A Quest


When nothing goes right, I expect to have someone beside me to make it easier to let things go. No, I see no one, I find nothing to speak my heart out. It takes a lot courage to fight with my inner struggle everyday. Though there are faces I used to believe they won’t go … More Confession