When nothing goes right,
I expect to have someone beside me
to make it easier to let things go.
No, I see no one,
I find nothing to speak my heart out.
It takes a lot courage
to fight with my inner struggle everyday.
Though there are faces I used to believe
they won’t go wrong in finding me,
but my belief gets ceased. Everytime.
Tell me where does this road take me to?
Tell me for how long this will go on?
But there will be silence again, I know.
I know no one bothers in going depth.
People can appreciate my poetry,
never going deep inside to realize
that through words my pen only bleeds.
This is the first confession I put into words.
Not to show that I’m weak.
But for a quest if I’m the only one
that feels to the extreme!

©Leeza Hazarika


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