The Photograph

I held it in my arms, gripped with care Like an old man’s only asset that remains, And I gazed it again but seemed blurry For the rolled down tears of no disdain. As if to wipe away the desolation I cleaned it with my soft scarf I wore, But the air, I felt, abided … More The Photograph

Cuts and Stitches

Even the strongest ones sometimes need a hand to lean on. Yes, with the dynamic time I too have come over the tides, faced the worst hours, felt the soul like it’s been burried deep into somewhere that has no end and turned all the tears into burning desires. But there comes a time when … More Cuts and Stitches

Taken Aback

Even if I stop midway and realize It’s you standing in the end of this paradigm, I won’t take a second to step back and return No matter if there’s a fire chasing me to burn. For the flame inside fumes more wild And the root of it is nowhere confined, Rubbed the past, sprinking … More Taken Aback


For my beloved, to see you on the brighter side, I stand being a flame with all my might. Brave and bold enough I appear But you’re the only thing that holds my fear; Dear I can’t find words to make you believe… How hard it is to swim over this ocean of grief! But … More Flame

The Unstoppable

The storm you’ve been carrying inside you, The ceased fidelity which life goes through, The heavy heart that once sought to shine, Let them be freed and retired from your mind. Strains are the decors stuck to your life And tears are the strength that allow ecstasy to dive; Spiritual is the one who thirsts … More The Unstoppable


It was a garden when your eyes gleamed, You were a bud amidst all the blossoms, When you sobbed but the world around only threw smiles And your insight could no indeed reach a fathom. That day itself is your answer, my dear! Now that you’re here, ought to be a flower, Thrive until you … More Unchained